Monday, August 6, 2012

Long Weekend By the Numbers

10: AM -- when Tallman's parents arrived Friday morning (and then promptly took us to the grocery store and bought us fixin's for Saturday dinner and all of the berries Tallman's heart desired-- which is a lot)

9: AM -- when Tallman's parents left Sunday morning :( After the door closed Tallman gave me a hug and said "I wish we lived closer to them so we could see them more" Poor guy, we see my parents nearly every week and we see his almost every two months. They are such nice folks, I understand why he misses them!

8: Snide comments made by Tallman's mom and I while on a tour of a fort about one of the children and their parents, who did not seem at all concerned that Jack was stealing props out of ovens, or about to go over the edge, or throwing rocks, or sitting on walls, or doing any number of things the tour guide had to physically stop him from doing before he broke his- or someone elses- skull.
Fort Independence-- Castle Island
7: Miles Walked this weekend, AT LEAST, it very well might have been many more, and in 90 plus degree hot sun and intense humidity... I now have a very pink boyfriend

6: Gift's Tallman's mom brought for us/me: two kinds of cloth napkins, and dishtowels in green, and a cookbook and frames and pictures-- she is just the nicest!

5: Pounds of pork I made Saturday Night for dinner with both sets of parents (we only ate half of what I made-- yay leftovers) Also, 5 bottles of wine were consumed, yay wine!

4: Hours of Naps I took over the weekend :) Sunday and Friday had some hard core naps, which was nice because of all the walking and all the early mornings and late nights

3: Meals eaten in Restaurants, Tallman and I love going to nice restaurants with fantastic food. The restaurants we took his parents to were not those. It was an attempt to make things easy and make their packing easy, and I think it worked, there was very little pressure to make reservations on time, and knowing we were going to have "easy fish" allowed people to relax.

2: Meals I made at home for Tallman's parents, Saturday Breakfast of Bacon, Biscuits and Fruit, and Saturday Dinner

1: Successful meeting of both sets of parents! I know my parents walked away thinking Tallman's parents were very nice indeed! Success!

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