Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lilly Dress

I still haven't decided what to wear to my friend Steph's wedding this Labor Day weekend, and it is fast approaching! I've bought a dress from Jcrew and returned it, I've tried on nearly every dress at Lord and Taylor and nixed them all, I've looked at Rent the Runway and all that did was made me wish I could afford to BUY a Lela Rose dress.

But Rent the Runway had a couple cute Lilly Pulitzer dresses, and I don't know if its desperation, the summer, or I'm hanging out with southerners too much (I'm looking at Allison and Tallman's Mom) but I think I might go check it out this weekend and see what I see.

Fortunately for them, unfortunately for me, Steph's bridesmaid's dresses are navy and a lot of Lilly dresses come in Navy or White-- so they are automatically ruled out for this wedding. (Last wedding there were two bridesmaid's wearing blue dresses, and me and some other guest were wearing the same blue dress, people kept thinking we were the bridesmaids and it was VERY awkward, not making that misstep again!)
These are the dresses I'll be looking for to try on in the store this weekend:
Joanna Dress
Lakeland Dress
Mara Dress
Evie Dress
I think thats enough options in one store to make a shopping trip well worth it! Hopefully I find something that I like!

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