Thursday, August 9, 2012

iPad Case

I got an iPad for Christmas last year. I mostly use it for reading books via the Kindle App, or surfing the internet. My dad is a smart man and knew that when he got my mom and I iPads he should leave the accessorizing to us.
Dodo for Jcrew
So I bought myself a Dodo case. Obviously I love Jcrew, and I wanted to protect my new toy and what better way to protect a new electronic than encasing it in wood. Well, I put that to the test pretty early on, and I broke two of the corners that keep the iPad in the case. It still works, and I like it... but I might be ready to try something new, something less heavy, something that isn't broken.
Apple Smart Cover
Maybe I could get one of these ubiquitous "Smart Covers", and then a simple sleeve. My mom has a simple felt sleeve and I really like it. Something that simple on its own wouldn't quite work for me though because I use my iPad on the train, and travel a lot more than my mom does, so I'd want the extra protection.
Kate Spade La Pavilion ipad sleeve
This is a bit more than a simple sleeve, and really cute too! It also would match my wallet and my Comme Des Garcon's little bag that I use to keep order in my purse.
Leather Case
Felt Case
Fun Case
 Of course I love Etsy, and since these cases are really diverse, I'm sure I'd be able to find something that I'd love.
Taylor ipad case, Lill 1154
Then again I could go to a tried and true website, where I got a purse which I've had for 5 years now, and design something of my own.

I'll have to think about this, since I tired of my old iPad case in 6 months, maybe I'll get something I'll like for longer? Or at least is cheaper? We'll see.

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