Friday, August 10, 2012

Tallman goes to Germany

Tallman is going to Germany this week. I will miss him. He is going to compete in a bio-tech competition for a prize and glory.
I briefly considered going with him, share the free hotel room and then spend a few days tooling around Germany.
Burg Eltz
It won't be happening this time, but I would like to go to Germany some time. Drive on their roads late at night, see the castles, drink the beer and wine, eat all of the sausage.
I've been to Germany before, but not since high school, and I feel like it would be very different this time around.
Though Tallman will most likely be working 14 hours a day while he is there and will be quite tired after, and thus not a fun traveling companion. (Can you see me talking myself into being ok with not going to Germany?) Some other time!

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