Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Week By the Numbers

10: On a scale of 1-10 this is how much I missed Tallman last week :(

9: Items consigned on Wednesday (hopefully I can clean out my closet and have a little extra cash?) 

8: Thousand times I swore at the internet because it was slow or not working at all. (Tallman is back and now its working, maybe it just missed him?

7: Cups of Fruit I had on Saturday. Was a doing a do-it-yourself cleanse or was I just enjoying the summer's fresh fruit? Still not clear.

6: Loads of Laundry Done upon Tallman's return from Germany (I didn't do any laundry while he was gone, and his clothes are just SO BIG!) (Luckily this got done on Saturday, before the hot water heater got busted)

5: Cucumbers I ate  (Tallman HATES cucumbers, but I think cucumber and cookies is a perfectly normal and balanced dinner)

4: Movies I watched while Tallman was gone. (New Years Eve, The Descendants, 50/50, Our Idiot Brother)

3: Gossip Magazines I read (while covering for our receptionist) with Rpatz or KStew on the cover (ugh, my poor brain, its ok right because I also read the Economist?)

2: Dinner Dates I had with Lovely Ladies, (Al and Sarah, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively)
ALSO Tallman came in 2nd place in his international science competition, his prize was a toy car (he is a little disappointed) my 2 is better than his.

1: ZipCars Rented (wooooo! First ZipTrip a success!)

Sorry for not blogging more last week, you may blame my internet. Which Tallman fixed upon his return.

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