Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tallman's mom sometimes asks me what my parents' hobbies are and I'm never sure what to say, I don't think they have hobbies. At least not like Tallman's parents do (Golf, Painting, and DIY House Renovations), so I always answer Cows-- which isn't really an answer and we all know it.

This conundrum has led me to wonder what my hobbies are. I asked Tallman if eating could be a hobby, and he said that yes we were most definitely foodies. Foodies. Yes I like that. It sounds much classier than Fatties. Or Big Eaters. Or Really Into Food.

And upon slight reflection our date nights are always relaxing delicious meals at nice restaurants. We celebrate by eating long meals that cost an arm and a leg (either in restaurants or at home). When we eat at home we are always trying new recipes and getting CSAs or ridiculously local meats. And don't even get me started on farm house cheeses and my attempts to make goat cheese at home or my love of books about food or how I read cookbooks at breakfast.

So um I guess I'm a foodie? (food + hobbie=foodie? is it that obvious?)  I feel a little shocked by this revelation?

In other news: Tallman and I had CSA lamb and corn this weekend and it was fantastic! Especially with the farm fresh ricotta and a wonderful glass of Chateau Neuf De Pape! :) I give you permission to hate me.

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