Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I went to Gap to try on loafers...

Gap Loafers
....aaaannnd came out with a blazer and some pajamas? oops. So I went for the loafers, and I don't know if it was the loafers, my feet, or the pants I was wearing that day, but they looked SERIOUSLY goofy on me.
I blame my big feet. Its hard to rock a menswear piece if it makes you look kind of manish-- I think-- obviously a personal preference.

Striped Zipper Shift
But while I was there I tried on this adorable striped dress that screamed Steph (if you know Steph you'd hear it screaming too.

And I tried on 6-2,000,000 blazers and ended up buying this cute navy one. Its in sort of a polyester jersey that should be a thick, non shiny track suit material which sounds awful but its comfortable and classy without being overly dressy. I have plenty a couple of dressy blazers but this one would be great for the weekend or casual Friday or just making the never ending stream of cardigans I usually wear a little more interesting.
Ponte Academy Blazer-- Gap
Of course now I see online that Gap is having a sale online and that I could've gotten this adorable blazer on SALE. But its back ordered until late September so I wouldn't be able to wear it later this week. I guess that is LITERALLY the price you pay!
Then I bought pajamas, on a whim, because they had polka dots and are gray and were on sale and I'm weak. I think they'll pay for themselves though.. the last pair of gap pajama pants I had were $.30 and I found them at a used clothing store on the floor, back in high school I was more "adventurous" with my clothes. In fact, maybe its time to throw those out.

Check out Gap, because they have cute stuff and don't be a dumbo like me and miss their online sale.

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