Monday, August 20, 2012

Hot and Cold Funtimes

We've been having some exciting times at our apartment and I pushed my scheduled posts back a day to tell you about them!

Yesterday morning I got up (about two hours after Tallman who was amusingly jetlagged-- had a big fight to convince him not to go to bed at 6:30pm Saturday Night) at 8am and tried to take a shower. BUT there was no hot water, it just wasn't warming up. So I requested that Tallman contact the landlord, who lives above us.

Two hours later (they apparently sleep late) they answered the email and said they'd look into it. An hour after that (when they apparently went to go take their showers) they notice that the hot water heater had broken and had flooded the basement but was still pumping water and thus flooding the basement more.

We had not noticed this funtime basement flooding since it was mostly happening on their side of the basement, but turns out our side was flooded too! Nothing on our side was damaged, though the dirty laundry was all pretty darn wet-- which is totally fine-- it was dirty afterall.

The basement needs to dry out to prevent mold, so all the doors are open with fans on, so no cats can go down there, and repair people are going to be in and out of there all day today. So that meant we needed to have my parents over for dinner to take the cats for a couple days.

Then because the water is ice ice ice cold instead of staying in a hotel we/I decided that this would be fantastic motivation to go for a run before work this morning. A cold shower is infinitely more tolerable when you're hot and sweaty-- no? So we did that. And I'm out of shape and Tallman is bigger so thus even though he professes to be very out of shape he still runs faster and longer than I.

The hot water heater gets fixed this morning. But Tallman says we need to go for runs every day this week to get in shape. Boo. I'm trying to bargain for just Monday through Thursday-- cross your fingers for me and my water and my little lungs.

Happy Monday!

Apologies for this post being incoherent. I'm tired from my run and its early.

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