Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Smoking Slipper/Loafers

It seems everywhere I turn I'm seeing Smoking Slippers or Loafers! Gap and Target have some REALLY adorable budget versions-- and since I'm pretty sure this is a fad, it would make sense to go budget and save pennies for the classic staples.
Women's Merona Mali Flat

Gap Embroidered Loafers
But these custom Stubbs & Wootton Slippers would make me feel so dapper, even though they'd never leave the house for fear of damage!
Stubbs and Wootton Bespoke Slippers
Ditto with these Del Toros:
Del Toro Zebra Print Slippers
And generally speaking I'm not a fan of skulls on things, I think it looks... tacky, pretentious, goth, weird... but I would love to rock these bad boys:
Alexander McQueen Skull Slippers
But it seems like a passing trend, and if I was afraid to leave the house in them, even more reason to go with the adorable gap and target options... its nice to have these choices though!

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