Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I think I finally decided what to wear....

Picture is from Ebay sale
I have bounced all over the place on what to wear to my college roommate's wedding this weekend. I even bought a dressed, only to return it. Then there was the time I tried on every dress in Lord and Taylor. But I think I've come to a decision: I will wear my own clothes.

Its boring, but when indecision is rampant I'd rather not spend money, because chances are I won't be happy with what I choose. This is what I am currently planning on wearing, with a french braid chignon and purple nails.

Its a black Jcrew dress, but its not as formal as a black dress might be because its their "beach embossed" material. Most importantly it twirls when I move and makes my waist look like the tiniest thing ever :) I love this dress, its a little 1950's and very comfortable. Hopefully no one else at the wedding will be wearing the same thing! (Again!)

Then I'm going to wear these gold sandals I bought for my friend Maya's wedding last year. They are very comfortable, and have a little heel but not a skinny heel which may be important if there is grass, or gravel or stumbling. But lets be real, if there is heavy dancing these bad boys are coming off and I'll just have to hope Tallman doesn't step on my feet.
David Tate Sandals
But I'm still a little stuck on the earrings. Can you guy's help? My options are purple ones I borrowed from my mom, or these giant dangling gold leaves Tallman got me for VDay a couple years ago.
Like these but purple, and not $1,000
Emily Elizabeth Vine Earrings
I know I need something statement-y and the neckline of my dress is too high for a necklace. I might make a game time decision, but I'd appreciate your input!

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  1. I LOVE the dress! I would wear it in a heartbeat were my attire not already pre-determined. ;)