Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

I am so excited for this weekend!
First I have taken Friday off, so its four days long.

Second, Steph is getting married and she and Phill are just the nicest people that I know they're wedding will be a joyous occasion.
From Pinterest, Steph does not look like this
 Third, I am dragging Tallman out to my alma mater on Friday for a walk around a lake and a fantastic dinner.
Upper Lake
Fourth, the place we're staying for Steph's wedding has a lake, and I am hoping to walk along that lake as well. Tallman is hoping we RUN around it... I'm sure I can dissuade him against this.
Sturbridge Host Hotel
Basically it seems like it will be a great weekend, full of pretty lakes and happy people. I am greatly looking forward to the time off, as well as the awesome events taking place.

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