Friday, June 15, 2012


My goal for the weekend is to purchase the materials for my headboard project and begin the making of it.
I have posted some headboards for inspiration and to guide my headboard creation.
So you remember the fabric: Michael Miller Botanika Mod Lattice
And I've decided to make it tall and square, so I don't have to make any fancy cuts like scalloped edges. The goal is to make it taller than the eurosham pillows, but not too tall.
From Pinterest
From Pinterest
From Pinterest
But it will be more like the first one because it won't be tufted, since the pattern of the fabric is more of a lattice pattern it will look more like this:
From Pinterest
I will try to take pictures of every step of the way, but the first step is to assemble the materials. Must get board, and foam and batting also a staple gun and a drill.
I'm excitied!

Have a GREAT Weekend!

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