Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review: The Orchid House

I've gotten to a point where I'll read almost anything, including random things recommended on Amazon. (We started getting the economist this week, Thank God! I'll be able to actually stimulate my brain with this voracious reading kick!)

Amazon recommended this book, and I really did like it. I enjoy historical fiction, check; I enjoy books set in Britain or France, check check; I enjoy romance, check; I enjoy books that jump around in time and use the past to explain the present, check!

This book is about a woman in modern time in England who has suffered great personal loss, and goes to a place from her childhood which opens doors about her past and she struggles to deal with her loss and her past blah blah blah.

This is definitely not a heavy lifting book. But it was enjoyable, and interesting. I'd recommend it if you're in the mood for something light, but not the typical beach read. This has death and disappointment as its major themes, but despite that it was enjoyable and not at all depressing.

(Pathetic that those are my last words about this book, but there you have it! "Enjoyable and not at all depressing" wouldn't look that good on a book jacket as a review.)

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