Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Headboard Creation Part 2

The next part of making a headboard was quite a lot harder, because after gluing all the foam on, and around the sides--which was only tricky because my glue ran out and I had a hard time finding the same-ish glue to finish my project--the next part required sewing.

So I finished gluing down my foam. (Wrapping it around the sides.)

Then I laid out my batting over the headboard, and I was able to double it up to make it nice and thick over the foam.

Then I laid out my fabric.... and there was a problem: the bolt I'd bought wasn't long enough.

Obviously I was going to have to sew it. I chose to sew it with the seam running side to side and hoped I could put it near the bottom where it would be covered by pillows.

I apologize for not taking more pictures, especially of this realization moment. It could have been very dramatic. But it was Saturday night, late, and I was hot... very hot and tired.  And at the time I didn't think a picture illustrating me laying things down would be very interesting.

The next morning I stayed in bed an extra hour (!) to procrastinate sewing two 5 foot pieces of fabric together, by hand, while matching up the pattern so the seam would be less noticeable.

Yes, I said by hand.

I am sad to admit that I have no idea how to use a sewing machine, and in fact I am a little afraid of them. But I'm great at sewing by hand. Small even stitches, that go in a straight line.

First I cut the long bolt into a smaller piece (actually three) by laying it over the headboard, giving it enough space on either side to be stapled in the back and around the sides, and there was some left over.

Then I hemmed one side. With an iron. While watching Glee on Netflix.
Then I pinned the two fabrics together, on the ironing board so they draped nicely, matching up the pattern as I went (it helped that I managed to iron in a straight line and picked a place to hem where the pattern was easy to follow... lots of straight lines), while watching Glee.

Then I sewed the fabric together, sitting on the floor, while the fabric was draped over the ironing board, while the cats played in the draped fabric, while watching Glee.

I started this sewing mess at 10am, and I finished at 3pm. Which I think is pretty darn quick!

Then I ironed the fabric, to get out any wrinkles.

The next part required two sets of hands, so Tallman helped me get the batting on the headboard and staple it in.
First I started with one staple in the middle top. Then we pulled the fabric and did the whole top, making sure it wasn't lumpy or wrinkled anywhere. Then we basically just went around the entire headboard, pulling tight and stapling.

Then we did the same thing with the pretty patterned fabric.
There are a LOT of staples in this guy. It was hugely important to pull and make sure it lay flat.

Also, from this picture you can see that the foam underneath all that nonsense is wrapped around the sides.

I apologize for not taking more how to pictures. Its pretty straight forward. But I did refer to this website tutorial for how to make a headboard... though she mounted hers to the original headboard... and we don't have that... so tonight we'll be improvising something.. stay tuned!

This is what the finished product looks like! Not so bad eh!? I'm pretty dang proud of it. Now we just need to get it on the bed. :)

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