Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Headboard Creation Part 1

This weekend I made my headboard... or most of it.

The first step happened two weeks ago, when I bought a big piece of wood and some batting.

The big piece of wood didn't fit in my car and HomeDepot employees are deeply unhelpful so I spent a stressful and sweaty half hour tying the wood to the roof of my parents car all by myself. (Though a zany cast of characters did offer their help, but I'm not going to take the help of a 80 year old woman, a fat lady with kids, or the offer of a ride from a stranger... and I got it home all by myself without ruin anyone's car or my wood.)

The only helpful person in this entire ordeal was a random Brazilian contractor. I was in the store wrestling the wood off the shelf onto my cart (8 feet by 4 feet is significantly larger than me and hard to maneuver) and no HomeDepot employees were helping. But this guy saw me struggling and came down the aisle and helped me. Which was awesome, because it meant that I didn't get splinters or completely embarrass myself. Then when I was trying to get the wood into my car and struggling with the trunk and doors and again No HomeDepot employees were helping the same guy came up and helped me try to get it into my car. We weren't successful but it was really necessary to have a second pair of hands when trying to shove it into the front passenger door! He then offered to drive it to my house, but I declined, because even though he was far and away the most helpful person I didn't want to take the chance of ending up dead, raped or robbed. Later Tallman chastised me for being so skeptical of the intentions of my fellow man, complaining that in the South people would accept the friendly help. I replied that in the South they must have a lot more dead people. He agreed that this was the case. I think I won.

But I do appreciate that guy's help. But it was also nice to get the wood on my roof, secured and home all by myself. A pain in the ass, but left me with a nice feeling of accomplishment.

So, I got it home, Tallman cut some divots in the wood for the current bed posts, and then I glued batting to it.

First I drew where he needed to cut it.

Then he cut the divots as you can see in the above picture, and I glued some foam (I used baby bumpers sold at A.C. Moore) to it and let it sit overnight.

The next step is to buy more glue, then finish gluing the foam, staple the batting and fabric in place and then screw it with supports to the bedframe. Tomorrow expect finishing of foam and beginning of the batting and fabric process. (I think I'll need more hands for the rest, and Tallman was away being a rockstar last weekend)

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