Monday, June 25, 2012

CSA recap.. Meat edition

Last week we got our first 10lb meat selection. We're splitting those 10lbs with my parents, which means we'll probably buy other meat during the 6 month period (especially since Thanksgiving is in there!) but if 5lbs of our meat a month is farm fresh and happily raised that is an awesome step in the right direction!

This is a picture of the meats we got, before splitting it. So far Tallman and I have eaten the steak. It was delicious, but a little too fatty, but I think that was the cut of meat not the quality of the meat. 
I can tell you that I'm pretty excited to eat the breakfast sausages and the leg of lamb. mmmmmm

 This is a picture of the veggies we got last week with the meat!
I gave my parents this week's eggs, and the tomatoes.. but I kept the squashes. They are super cute.

It was a lot of food to carry and I took a cab home so I wouldn't have to be miserable about all the delicious food.  And man is it delicious. This is the meal we ate of steak and dandelion greens (Yes that' right, Tallman ate dandelion greens!) The trick is to boil them then saute them, if you don't boil them first they are super bitter and really gross. But boiled then sauted with garlic and onions, they are fantastic!
Isn't that a gorgeous meal? yum.

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