Thursday, June 28, 2012

Headboard Creation... Part 3

Last night was a bust.
The goal was to put the headboard on the bed.

Its possible I didn't think this through. I knew that I couldn't do what was done in the tutorial I'd been following. But I assumed that I'd be able to attach the headboard to the posts via the back of it, and it would all be fine, maybe I'd need some bracing but it would fine.

It was not fine. It tilted forward something fierce. Partially because I'd added a lot of foam and there wasn't a lot of room for the headboard behind the mattress and between the posts. So Tallman and I tried to think of a way to brace it so it wouldn't lean forward.

We didn't get very far. It was kinda late at this point and we'd had a couple glasses of wine with dinner, so we figured we would revisit the headboard during a more alert, awake time.

Hopefully this weekend we'll have come up with a solution for our tilted headboard problems. We're thinking screws might help, last night when I couldn't sleep I wondered if wood covered in fabric somewhere would help.
I'll keep you posted as the story develops!

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