Wednesday, May 9, 2012

H&M is rocking right now

I went into H&M last weekend, mostly because I needed sunglasses because I left mine at home but then I didn't buy any blah blah blah
Anyway... I noticed the H&M has really stepped up its game. For a while there you couldn't find anything that was work appropriate or appropriate for non hippsters or children.  I didn't take pictures while I was in the store, but check out some of these pieces I found at the online store:
Pink H&M Dress
I wish this dress came in another color because I don't LOVE the light pink, if it came in green/blue/purple/grey I would buy it in a second.
Pink Lace Pencil Skirt H&M
TOTALLY CUTE! And definitely work appropriate. It looks like there is enough material there.
H&M Tunic
I love this tunic, because really $24.99 is exactly how much I want to pay for a beach cover up, not $249.
Blue flowers strapless dress H&M
I want to wear this to bridal showers, nice dinners on warm nights, and to a casual beach wedding.

Way to go H&M I had all but lost faith in your ability to produce cute, allbeit cheaply made, clothing that a grown up might wear. Thank you for restoring my faith.

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