Thursday, May 10, 2012

Formal Wear Ennui

Eeep. Confession Time. I have five (5) fancy dresses and they are all from JCrew. What? Were you unaware of my love of the JCrew? They make dresses that mask the enormity of my bum. AND I always know what size I am so I can easily order things online.

Jcrew Factory
Well, I recently had a fit of ennui regarding my lack of choices for an upcoming wedding I am attending and said "I will not wear any of these dresses!" so I went to Lord and Taylor to look at their formal wear.

And was disappointed.

SO I'll be wearing a light purple cotton dress, similar to this one with black wedge sandals (its in a garden, so no stilettos and Tallman is tall so no flats). But I might look into getting some new earrings... I cannot wear my hair down because its outside in June in North Carolina... so earrings would be fun!

cropped to protect the innocent(and me)
I have to do something to make this dress fresh. Because I've been to three weddings in my life, and I've worn this dress to two of them. (All different sets of people (and different from the one in June) so there has been no one to witness my inability to find a dress I like better.)

Please see to the left, it is me, wearing this dress, on my way to a wedding.

Does anyone have any suggestions for earrings to go with this dress that will make it less boring for me? That will make it seem new and fresh and fun again? Any suggestions would be welcome!

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  1. Check out Rent the Runway. They have a good variety of chandelier earrings from different designers like Kendra Scott or Dannijo. There's a pair of pearl tear drop earrings that would look nice with that dress.