Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Revisiting: A wee little h

A few weeks ago I wrote about wanting an H necklace. One of the necklaces I listed was a Tiffany's necklace. So when I was killing time at Copley Plaza this weekend, I went to Tiffany's to visit my potential new friend.

I AM SO GLAD I WENT IN. Because it was HUGE! Like 1.5-2 inches tall. It would have looked ridiculous around my neck (maybe someone else would be able to rock it, but not me). And more importantly it was NOT what I wanted. Well, good to know! I even asked a sales person "Do you have the smaller version in the store" "Oh no ma'am this IS the smaller version" what? oh man.. lesson learned. Before shelling out $700 for anything see it in person first.

Luckily I found a H necklace by Phoenix Roze that I like Very Very much.
Phoenix Roze
It is between this darling necklace and the Maya Brenner necklace I mentioned in my earlier post:
This picture is blurry so follow the link to see what I mean
Which would you choose? Do you hate both?

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