Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Earring Possibilities

KBAdler commented on my post about my search for a new way to wear an old dress to a wedding last week, and suggested I try Rent the Runway. Because I get so few comments I have the time to really listen to your advice when you give it :p and so I went to Rent the Runway and was blown away at the selection.

Previously I had been thinking of something like this from Kendra Scott:

Custom Kendra Scott Jewelry
But after visiting Rent the Runway I've decided to go with black. They're probably more multipurpose and I could get more wear out of a pair in the future. And they'll bring up the black of my shoes. (I'm wearing black strappy wedges that aren't actually all that formal, but they're comfortable and I won't sink into the ground.)

Some of the choices Rent the Runway presents are:
Kate Spade Black Chandelier Earrings
Geo Black Onyx Drop Earring
How cute are these? Am I the only one who thinks they look like bumble bees? No? Just me? Ok.
Black Spade Earrings Badgley Mischka
I even briefly considered white, with lovely earrings like these:
Magnolia Flower Earrings

I really like the Kate Spade Black Chandelier Earrings. Because they are accented in yellow gold and I like that. Because they are big and statementy but not overwhelming. Because they'd bring the black of the shoes I'm planning on wearing upwards. Because Tallman thinks they'd work with the dress. Yeah Tallman gets an opinion, he is shockingly opinionated on women's fashions, and I have listened to his opinions since he taught me how to wear shoes without getting blisters (the secret is ped socks).

What do you guys think? Is black the way to go? Purple? Or should I play it safe and get white?

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