Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend By the Numbers

10: Number of times I told someone/anyone that the Avengers was awesome

9: Miles I walked over the course of the entire weekend (I love walking)

8: Pounds of meat I bought at Whole Foods Saturday then had Tallman carry home

7: Minutes I napped on Saturday before my cat Parsley decided that walking across my throat would be a fun way to wake me up

6: Hours I slept Saturday night before getting up to catch a train to hang out with my mom on Sunday

5: Fish I saw while walking around Walden Pond with my mom (the water was so clear you could see the fish from the path around the pond, it was beautiful)

4-BILLION: number of people who decided that miniature golf would be a fun thing to do for mothers day, and got there before us, and were the reason we turned around and left without playing mini golf

3: Glasses of wine I had with dinner on Mothers Day (I love wine pairings)

2: Mothers Day Cards I had to buy before being able to tell my mother I appreciate her with out typos. (Computers have spoiled me with the backspace key)

1: Times I've been to Kimball's Farm this year... such HUGE Ice Creams. Yum.

(I stole this blog post idea from Beantown Prepster Part Deux because I always enjoy her rundowns)

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