Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What watch?

Men's Timex
Back in May of 2010, I spent less than $40 and bought this watch.

Now its a year and a half later, and I've loved this watch. It was big and clunky and I like that its easily read and simple and it tells me the date.

But now I'm kind of over it. I wear a watch to work every day, because sometimes I need to know the time and I don't want to walk around carrying my cell phone. But I kind of want something more dressy.

These are some of the options I've been considering:

Citizen's Women's Watch
Citizen's Women's Watch
Citizens Women's Watch with Black Watch Face
Bulova Women's Gold Watch
 Clearly I'm hovering around a central theme. But since I can't decide that I like any one in particular better than the others, I'm going to stick with my current watch and just be on the look out.

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