Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Book Review: Stone's Fall

I frequently think that I read a lot of "girl books" but Stone's Fall: A Novel is a gender neutral awesome piece of excellence (did I over state it?).
If you're wondering what to get for a hard to shop for dad, brother, aunt, grandma, second cousin, etc. I'd highly recommend this book. It isn't a light read, but I read it in a week without too much trouble.

The story is set in reverse beginning with a death in 1909 England. Then discussing a character from that part in 1890's Paris. Then discussing Venice in 1867 where it becomes clear the story started... on the last page. Honestly, the book keeps you guessing about so much until the very very end. It was amazing because each part is wholly satisfying as well, describing a coming of age, if you will, through the unfolding events.
I highly highly recommend this book.

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