Monday, November 21, 2011

A Neat Littlle Project

(I'm sorry if there are typos, I'm posting this from Tallman's computer, and he thinks that a keyboard with no letters on it is awesome.... humph... I guess this will be a test in how well I touch type)

A webcomic I read "Least I Could Do" is fairly crass towards women and humanity in general sometimes, but I kinda enjoy it, and I started reading it while studying for the bar while my own opinion of humanity wasn't that great either (though I love and respect women much more than the main character does... I have to... I am one).
The Bear
The writer of the comic has a new project I want to share with you, its a book of illustrated vignetts relating to fatherhood. They're really pretty awesome, the illustrations are great, but so are the sentiments. Very men of my generation, or maybe just new fathers in general (I don't know) but I can tell that I'll be buying a copy for all the new dad's I know as soon as it comes out.
The name of the project is called "The Bear" and I just love the illustrations. Adorable!
This last one is by far my favorite.... :)

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