Sunday, November 20, 2011


No, not the 90's girl band (which is what first comes up when you search for Cranberries) the delicious little berry that is only available at this time of year!

A guy at my work got a wooden crate of them the other day (why? I really don't know) as a present from an insurance agent (yes, this IS weird) and had no idea what to do with them, so I saved them from rotting on his desk by taking them home.

I made the MOST delicious cranberry nut bread, and brought it into work for all to enjoy, of course.

But I still have a LOT of cranberries, so NUT BREAD FOR ALL!!!!! I'm joking, but not really, Sunday I made loaves for work (again), Tallman's parents, my parents, and we still have more cranberries.

After reading Animal Vegetable Miracle however I've decided (or was told by the book, whatever) that its completely ok to go totally overboard with one vegetable/fruit when they're in season. Then the rest of the year when its out of season don't eat it. With cranberries you actually can't get them at other times of the year, so I'll be filling up on fresh cranberries like mad in the next few weeks.

The cranberry nut bread recipe is super easy, I suggest you pick up some cranberries and try making it. Its Ocean Spray's recipe, but it comes out soooooo moist and amazing you are totally allowed to tell everyone it is an old family secret :-p

Click the link for the recipe and other ideas for how to enjoy cranberries while they're fresh this season!

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