Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book Review: The Marriage Plot

I was on a super long waiting list for this new best seller by Jeffery Eugenides, until a fellow at work asked what I was planning on reading next and said he'd just finished this book, so why didn't I borrow it. Excellent! My primary hook up for new awesome books got a kindle a while ago so I've been relying on the library and Amazon's recommendation system (which isn't very good by the way).

Anyway... I borrowed The Marriage Plot from my co-worker and read it. I would say it is just as good as I expected. I enjoyed Middlesex and this book is more about growing up in tough economic times and dealing with mental illness than it is about gay or transgender issues. But it is well written and interesting, and ultimately I was happy with how the book ended.

Its always good when you get so invested in the characters that you are dreading what the ending will be at certain points:  no don't marry the crazy dude, get your act together, Jebus I hope Mitchell doesn't become a MONK!

You'll enjoy this book if you enjoy good writing, a well thought out story line, are unemployed and wondering what to do with your life, or recently suffered a bad nationwide economic period (I guess there is a reason its a best seller). This book might not be for everyone though, the characters are a type of over educated intellectual that some might find annoying, especially since the author portrays their devotion to esoteric learning as a pitfall of their youth.

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