Friday, August 5, 2011

Ideas for upcoming craft day... or red flowers

If you aren't on pinterest, well... I'm sorry. If you are... then you'll understand the upcoming post.
So I saw these ideas for making fake flowers on Pinterest, and I decided it would be really cool to try.
From Pinterest
This one seems pretty easy. I'd love to try it with red silk, I have some extra from a hem job on a red silk dress. But I never seem to actually try it. Also, I'm not 100% sure what I'd do with it once I did it. I could make a bunch of paper ones and a few silk ones and attach them to some pipe cleaners and make a cute little bouquet. Except Tallman thinks fake flowers are a little tacky, and Parsley and Sage would eat them.
From Pinterest
I like the idea of this one, it comes from a site that suggests it as a pin for mother's day. I think its a little huge for a pin, and a little too artsy for anyone I know. But I can see it being adorable on a wreath, or an ornament for Christmas (my mother only allows red and old ornaments on her tree so this would be perfect). I can also see making it smaller and doing a bouquet or on a fun card or something. Ohhhh wouldn't this be amazing as gift tags for christmas gifts!?
Brainstorming is fun.

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