Thursday, August 4, 2011

Formal Shoes... for an Actual Event

In college I bought these amazing silver heels for a group costume. I don't remember what happened to these shoes but I wish I had them, because they'd be perfect for the wedding I'm attending in a few weeks.
But as it stands I have lots of pumps, lots of shoes, but nothing quite right for an all night Indian dance party wedding.
I did some shopping at DSW, at Lord and Taylor, Macy's, at a lot of random mall stores. But nothing was right. It either didn't fit on my foot (I have high arches), or was liable to fall off when dancing.
Enter Endless. Free Shipping. Free Returns.
For reference I'm wearing this dress to the wedding:
Sophia Silk Dress
And these are the shoes I've purchased to try on and see if they work. The ones that don't work I'll just return, because, you see, its free.

David Tate Women's Hot Date Sandal
Touch Ups Womens Taryn Sandal
Lava Women's Elegant Glitter Sandal
The shoes are pretty cheap, and generally I subscribe to the theory that the more expensive the shoe the better quality and the better it will fit and the more comfortable it will be. But honestly, I've looked at the expensive options. They have really high heels, or are over $500. There doesn't seem to be a middle ground in the gold strappy sandal market. I'll definitely report back and tell you who the winner was, comfort wise... if there even is a winner. Remember Free Shipping, and Free Returns!

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