Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I do not have any walls to paper...

Despite the fact that I have no walls to paper, I am about to do a post on wallpaper. Weird huh?
I like wallpaper, I have some nice memories of being little and stripping wallpaper with my dad and grandfather in my grandparents dining room, and then helping them hang new wallpaper (I'm pretty sure all I did was mix the glue).
In Al's parent's house on the Cape they have a lot of awesome wallpapers, usually flowers but some are amazing textures. And I always love seeing cloth on walls, it looks so warm and rich.
So when I stumbled on a Real Simple article from many moons ago about wallpaper I had to explore the sites and share what I had found.
Green Forest Japanese Silk at Design your Wall.com

This green Japanese silk wallpaper would be an amazing accent on one wall of a bedroom. The green is so vibrant, I wonder if it shimmers in the right light? It is silk afterall.

Stars Wallpaper at Design your Wall.com

I like this star wallpaper. It is bright and cheery. It reminds me a little of Le Petite Prince. But I can see it as a boarder in a very tall room, along the bottom half of a room, or even in an entry way (would there be any better way to welcome people into your home?)

Enchant, by Graham and Brown

I'm not brown/taupe's biggest fan. But I love this subtle tree patterned wallpaper by Graham and Brown. It looks like you might be able to step into a magic fairy land from it. I might want it running down a long corridor, or behind a set of bookshelves so that every time you took out a book you glimpsed a forest behind it.

Spirit by Graham and Brown
I can't actually imagine wanting to use this floral one, but I like it. Its so soft, I can imagine liking it in a little girl's room, in a very feminine powder room, or perhaps on one wall where the fire place is in a very formal living room. But still, its so girly I cannot really see using it in a house of men. But I do like it.

Bamboo Lattice Grasscloth by Wallnut Wallpaper

I enjoy this bamboo grascloth design, the silvery bamboo against the more neutral colored background. Excellent. I can't think of a room I wouldn't like this one in. I can even see it in a kitchen, would wallpaper make a terrible backsplash? Can you wipe it? hmmm

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