Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fake Flowers

Tacky you say? Long Lasting and cheap I say. (Though there are some that are not at all cheap.) Also, fake flowers won't poison your pets, and when they knock them over it won't get water all over your rug.
Also they last longer than regular flowers, take these magnolias, have you ever been able to bring your magnolias inside without them turning brown and getting petals everywhere almost immediately?
Magnolia Centerpiece
Calla Lily
Calla Lily's are a great flower to fake, because they are a naturally waxy flower so they will not be immediately obvious as a fake.
Poinsettia Bush, Velvet
Poinsettia's are poisonous for cats, but they are so festive at Christmas time. Fake flowers prevent your pets from dying due to your holiday cheer.
Mixed Wreath from Home and Floral
A wreath of real flowers is going to die pretty quickly, and I don't like wreaths of dried flowers, something about the smell and the crunch. But this wreath is festive and cheery and reminds me of an English garden in late summer, overflowing with blossoms.
Pretty Purple Posty by Diane James
Course, fake flowers can be very expensive if they are high quality. Arrangements by Diane James are usually over $200. But the quality is remarkable and the blooms are beautiful.
All in all fake flowers can be tacky, but they can also be a practical alternative if you want pretty pops of color in your home.

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