Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene turned Tropical Depression

Courtsey of the Daily Mail
The term tropical depression has always stuck me as a little funny, a little odd, and very appropriate for how I imagine weather men feel when they find out the storm they've been reving us up for gets downgraded from Hurricane status.

I am not one to get particularly excited over inclement weather. I've never been harmed by a natural disaster, instead they are usually reasons to stay inside and hang out with friends and family.

But I recognize that some people get very excited and need to prepare and sometimes this is necessary and sometimes people and property are damaged by the weather even if you have properly prepared.

I slept in Sunday, listening to the rain, after hanging out with good friends Saturday night where we drank hurricanes. Sunday I drove from Tallman's to my parents and was not even buffeted by the wind while I drove down the high way, visibility was pretty good too, and the roads had so few cars on them, driving was excellent

But some people were hurt or seriously inconvenienced by the storm. I hope you aren't one of those people, and if you are I'm sorry, and I hope everything is on the way to being ok.

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