Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cutting Down on Starbucks, or Tallman's Anniversary Gift

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Remember yesterday how I was talking about doing things that are good for the planet? We one thing that is terrible for the planet and Tallman's wallet is his Starbucks habit. He goes at least once a day, sometimes three times, and sometimes buys me my morning coffee there as well. This gets really expensive. Also, the cups pile up, and when you see them all in one place it looks like the most wasteful thing ever (Tallman has his own work trash can that is just his Starbucks, and since it is up to him to take it out, it can become quite full.)

Now I know that going to Starbucks in the morning saves us time, and allows him/me to sleep in and avoid his grumpy roommate in the morning (I'm not a morning person either, but man, this guy.) But it might be nice to save the $50 a week at Starbucks, save the calories from the high fat sugary drinks (those flavor shots are just sugar), and who knows maybe it'll save time because we won't be taking time at Starbucks in the morning/afternoon/night (I told you Tallman has a problem).

So the plan is for our Anniversary (end of September) I'm going to purchase three things.
Bodum 1 liter French Press
This giant French Press and then two of these thermos'.
Thermos Nissan 34oz Vaccum Sealed Briefcase Bottle
Then in the morning, I'll make tea for me and put it in my bottle, and coffee for Tallman and put it in his. Reviews say that these bottles keep things hot/cold for 24 hours and are awesome. I'd love to go to Starbucks less (even though Tallman pays, it bugs me how much we as a couple spend there). I just hope I can get Tallman as excited over a liter of coffee as he currently gets over his triple grande vanilla lattes. (And don't worry, this blog post isn't ruining any surprises, I've mentioned this idea to Tallman already, and he rarely reads my blog, so we're good.)

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