Thursday, August 25, 2011


I really want to can. A week ago I made a chicken/duck stock out of some old bones I had lying around (when my family makes a bird we save the bones in the freezer, then later boil them to make a stock), but when I went to reduce it further, I must have not been paying attention and burned the heck out of it, creating a stinky smokey mess and no stock. Oops. Also, completely destroyed the pot. My bad.

Food Storage
What I'd love to can is my tomato sauce. And have it around, either frozen or not, so that a can size amount was always available if I wanted to make pizza, or pasta or ravioli or something. (Tallman recently stopped deriding my tomato sauce because he learned that Italian Pasta Sauce is suppose to not have much else besides tomatoes in it, not the 12 ingredient pile of crap (including heavy cream and butter) he thought made an appropriate sauce).

I'd love to have a freezer shelf or pantry with glass jars full of tomato sauce or home made butter on them.

Maybe its the crisp breath of fall in the air, maybe its a desire to be self sufficient because I have no job, but I have a definite desire to nest and get ready for winter and can.

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