Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book Review: The Postmistress

This book I took out of the library on impulse. It seemed similar enough to other books I've read and liked to give it a try. My response: meh. The idea of it is good. The story is good. It might even be executed well. But it didn't grab me as much as every other book I've read this week has. And that might not be its fault. If you're looking for a decent book about World War II and its impact on Americans, but more a book about small town dynamics and heartbreak then this book is for you.

But honestly, it was a little stilted. There were too many plots going on that weren't completely dealt with. You saw someone in emotional pain,  then on the next page it went into depth about the rise of the dunes, then it mentions a busy body and how some third person also sees the emotional pain of that first person. It lacked a depth that for the sort of book it was trying to be, it needed to have.

The Postmistress sets itself up to be a book about a woman who steals letters, but it ends up more being about a woman who tries to tell the story of the Holocaust, and the post woman only ends up stealing one letter, I was disappointed by her lack of theft after all the set up.

In the end, my recommendation is to read something else. Day after Night if you're in the mood for Historical Fiction about WWII, Book of Tomorrows if you're in the mood for a quick awesome read, or The Distant Hours if you want to read an awesome story that will take you on twists and turns and keep you guessing about what is going to happen next.
(and don't worry, I just picked up two new books from the library, and they're more beach chick lit, so we'll have a break from the serious stuff)

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