Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bar Prep Update, Part 3? 4?

I don't even know what update this is. I must say that through my bar studying--so far-- that this blog has been equal parts enjoyable (ahhh a break) and annoying (ugh I need to post something for today, but I really should be writing an essay).
Let me tell you what my week days look like the past two weeks: up at 7am or earlier, in to school by 9am or 10am if I'm at my parent's and there is traffic, reviewing notes from the previous days class, doing the homework problems or essays, reviewing, and then at 6pm I have class, which goes until 10pm-ish. Then go home, sleep and repeat.
Its kinda hectic. The days are very long, I only talk to other humans either in class or my parents or Tallman, I frequently get many questions wrong, so its disheartening work, and at the same time I am trying to keep stress at bay. (That last part is where the ahhh, blogging, a nice relaxing break, comes in.)
 Enough complaints here are the pluses:
I'm taking a class that has checklists and I swear its worth the $3,000 the class costs for those checklists. I LOVE checking things off, if it weren't for that, I would do significantly less of the work. Its like little goals that, since one of the checklists is online, turns colors when you achieve them. Its extremely rewarding.
One of the people in my class is going bonkers under stress, but I know its because he has high expectations for himself and everyone else. Because of his high expectations I find myself making sure I attend class, even when I'd prefer not to, or doing optional assignments because I know he'll want to talk about them and I don't want to disappoint. (I brought him cupcakes yesterday to help with the stress, so our friendship is a two way street, he motivates me with high expectations, I bake.)
The library at school is heavily air-conditioned.
Because I'm at school 12 hours a day I don't have time to snack constantly, so I'm hoping I'll lose a couple lb's while studying.

That's all for now, I've really got to get back to Real Property essays.

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