Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lady Friends

Last weekend was BUSY BUSY BUSY! I went to a cookout, drove from parents to the city like 5 times, attended a bridal shower, made oreo cheesecake cupcakes, and went to a bar with some friends for fried chicken.
The best thing about this weekend though was all the women, sorry Tallman. The cookout featured college friends that I love and do not see very often. It was great to hang out with them and hear whats going on and their funny stories and just be friends. The bridal shower obviously featured women as well and I got to spend some quality time catching up with high school friends that I don't see very often but used to see all the time. Then at the bar I hung out with some MORE women who I see slightly more frequently but are still always fun and interesting, which is probably why we're friends...
I went to a women's college and before that I went to a girls camp, and while I have a lot of guy friends and I like hanging out with guys, sometimes I forget how awesome women are and how great the company of close female friends can be.
So thanks ladies for giving me an awesome weekend, we should hang out more often... maybe after I do this Bar Exam thing.


  1. I do hope to see you again before the Bar but I was thinking that you, me and Steph should have a girls weekend afterwards, maybe at a spa?

  2. Stephanie thoroughly agrees with this statement.