Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Orange Rugs

I do not like the color orange. Its brash and intense and looks terrible on me. But right now I'm craving it, like I'm craving longer days, sunshine and warmth. Visiting TallMan's parents just intenstified the desire for bright cheery and warm, and orange is all these things.
Also, it might've had something to do with their rug.

Their rug was a gorgeous warm orange I had to snap a picture of. It was an area rug so maybe 10x15, and thick. Also, I loved loved loved the pattern. Very Moroccan sort of, not quite, but lovely.

Similar to this one, from Shades of Light, though this one doesn't seem quite as vibrant as the one at the TallMan's parents' house. Of course that might just be the computer or the picture. Either way, I like the pattern, and I might actually like the more muted color, since it would be practical in more homes.

This one from West Elm, the Iznik Dhurrie in Sorrel (which I thought was a type of mushroom, hmm) is similar, and has a GREAT pattern. Its a little different, but I think it would work better in a more classic room, something less modern. There is something about this rug that makes me think of Louis Quatorze chairs. No idea why.

Maybe its too early for orange or its not even in this year, but a quick search didn't find many more orange rugs. Does anyone have a rug store recommendation to share? Or colors that make you happy in the pre-spring months?

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