Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bee Lace Dream

The other night I had a dream that I went wedding dress shopping. No, I'm not engaged or any where near it, and I wasn't in the dream either. I explained to the sales clerk that I just wanted to try on some dresses and I was really sorry for the inconvenience and I apologized for wasting her time but I really wanted to see what kind of dress I liked. (I have very vivid and slightly odd dreams.)

I only remember trying on one dress. It didn't fit, it was strapless and it made my boobs look terrible, like an old woman, but it was a gorgeous dress. It was strapless, with a sort of lengthened empire waist and a straightish but flowy skirt (sorry for not being clearer, it was a dream!). What made this dress amazing is the lace it was covered in. I like lace on a wedding dress but this lace was AMAZING. It had bees.

What? Have I lost my mind? A bee lace dress? That sounds hideous. Well it wasn't in my dream. So I've been looking for a bee lace pattern that is similar.

In my dream there was an inch thick line of bees, then a half inch of solid lace then the rest of the bodice was flowers, then there was another line of bees and then the skirt was a flower pattern with bees. Yes, I realize this sounds crazy, but in my dream it looked very pretty. I swear.

Sigh, maybe I'll just stick to bee lace on window curtains, these look nice...


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