Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dream Backyard

In my happy little fantasy world, where I live during Secured Transactions, and when I'm procrastinating figuring out my bar application, I would have at least two acres of land as a back yard. It would have some woods around the sides, with a little raised garden close to the house and a pool. There would be a patio for grilling and entertaining and sunbathing, and a little bit away from all that there would be animals.

You all know I love goats, I would be tickled if my back yard had 2 goats, I wouldn't want/need more (unless I was going into cheese production, which is only the dream if Knowledge starts a bakery and I can sell my cheese there, of course this is only the dream if I'm independently wealthy which will never happen because I don't play the lottery.) There would also be chickens. I really like chickens. They're easy, you don't have to get them pregnant to get their food products, and they're pretty.

Yes, I think chickens are pretty. And they'd live in one of these, so it would all be very pretty.

Can you imagine one of these in the corner of your yard, with fresh eggs! Yum. Also, it rolls. They haven't started producing it yet, but I hear its won some awards. I hope they ship across the pond, if not, I might have a really good reason to visit Britain. A gorgeous chicken coop. (Seriously, if I had a job, I would visit England, buy a coop, send it home and have a chicken... I wonder how it would get along with the cats.)

Pool, patio, garden, chickens and a goat. If I was really lucky there would be a trellis with wisteria and a swing under it. That's the dream.

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