Monday, April 4, 2011

Job Search Update

I bet you're all wondering how my job search is going. No? You aren't? That sure is surprising (sarcasm!).
Well, I'll tell you its not going great. I got a letter in the mail a couple days ago from a state agency rejecting me from an internship I don't even remember applying to. And considering that it was sent to my old address and I stopped applying to internships a while ago, I'm guessing it was something I applied to back in January. Ouch.

My current job search scenario includes scouring websites for attorney positions and applying for those if they seem like I am marginally qualified and would be marginally interested. (Applying for jobs I'm not qualified for is stupid, because there is absolutely no point, as opposed to just mostly no point, and I get very cranky when I apply to jobs I'm not interested in, so I try not to do that.)
Perhaps you can tell that I'm finding the whole process hopelessly overwhelming?

The past couple of weeks when I've gone to various websites to start looking for jobs I've been so disheartened that I browse to see whats there then give up.  Yes, cast stones, shun me, I am so very ashamed, but I admit it, I have been not applying to the pitiful few jobs I'm marginally qualified/interested in. I have been applying to jobs for months now, and not getting anywhere, and usually not even hearing back. This is enough to make anyone need a break, whether its dating (you go out with men on lots of first dates and neither of you want a second one), or weight loss (you go to the gym and eat right but some how you end up gaining weight). So I took a two week break.

But conversations with people (ohh do you have a job? no.) and shopping excursions (I'm sorry, I'd love to buy you but I can't) keep ending in me saying "I wish I had a job". Well unless there is a magic fairy kingdom I don't know about (is there?) wishing I had a job isn't going to get me one. Thus, I am approaching this week with a renewed mindset. A fresh slate if you will.

My upcoming priorities are this: Pass my classes, Study for and pass the bar, get a job.
In that order (because I can't take the bar if I don't pass my classes and I can't get a job if I don't pass both my classes and the bar.) So instead of spending my time wishing, I am going to focus on my goals in order. I have a month until I take my exams, and in that month 70% of my time will be spent on my classes and getting ready for exams, 20% on prepping for the bar, and 10% on finding a job. After I take my exams I'll spend 80% of my time on prepping for the bar and 20% on finding a job. After I take the bar I'll spend 100% of my sorry ass time looking for a job.

I'll let you know how this goes.

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