Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I NEED a new outfit for graduation... right?

Who doesn't love online shopping? But if you're poor, unemployed, and without closet space to expand, there is no reason to buy clothing. Could I use some more t-shirts for summer? Yeah, probably. Would I like a couple of skirts to wear this summer, yes definitely! I haven't bought a new skirt since I graduated college, three years ago. Oops.
What I need is an excuse to have my mom take me shopping, you might not know my mom, but believe me, I need an excuse, a good one.
Oh wait. Aren't I graduating from law school this spring? Isn't that in like a month? Don't I need an outfit for that day? No? Oh... well, can I have one anyway? Lets browse our options:
Lord and Taylor Skirt
Jcrew? nooo they're all pencil skirts, I don't know who they think I am but I got an ass and hips, also a pencil skirt in humidity might be my version of hell.
Ann Taylor? nooo, they're either too short (huh?) or pencil skirts, or seriously pleated. Please see hips and ass for why I won't be wearing any of those.
Lord and Taylor? Almost with one, pictured below, but not quite, and for $300, not quite won't cut it.
Anthropologie? There was one, but while I liked the pattern it was just too short at only 19", if it sat on my hips that would've been fine, but it was meant for the waist. (Again, see below)
Macy's? I won't even tell you about the hideous creations I found there, maybe if I was a 300lb woman from 1995 I would have had some success but unfortunately for them, I'm not.
Club Monaco? Well I like their Pamera skirt, but I can't get a picture of it on here, and I'm not sure it would look good in person, or if I really even like it or if its just the complete lack of other nice options that is making me even consider it.
Nordstroms? Some better options, but it might just be a better website, because even the skirt pictured below from Lord and Taylor looks better on the model for Nordstroms. Ultimately no final takers.
Saks? Damn it and my excellent taste! The only skirts I like are Oscar de la Renta (over $1000) and a similarly priced Michael Kors.  Oh you taunt me so!
Bloomingdales? Well, they pointed me in the direction of my one true love Kate Spade and the French Connection...
French Connection? Cute but no cigar...

Maire Dress
So perfect, now I just need to convince a) Mom to buy it for me or b) myself that it isn't the most amazing dress ever. I mean you only graduate from law school once, but I do have other things I can wear.

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  1. Let's go play dress-up at Kate Spade!!!! And then go find some salted caramels as consolation...