Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Butter Butter Butter Butter Yum

I like butter.
Is that weird?
No? Well how about this: as a kid I used to sneak butter from the refrigerator and eat it. Plain or raw, just the stick.
No. Not weird enough? Well how about this: I want to make butter.
How you ask? By taking some cream and moving it around for a while until it separates.
Is that really how to make butter, you might be asking. Yes, yes it is. Or at least thats what I keep reading.
homemade butter on toast
Design Sponge says so.
All it takes is a blender? Why didn't I know this!?
So does some awesome person called the Food Renegade *adding her blog to my Google Reader IMMEDIATELY*
And I read about how to do it and get an upper body work out in "From Scratch" a book by this lady.

Want to know the best part? When it separates you get butter and buttermilk. So not only do you have fresh delicious butter, you have the most annoying to get ingredient in homemade biscuits.
New plan: make butter in parents wonder blender, once separated make biscuits, then put fresh butter on biscuits, then die from delight.
The only question is, can I get it together to do this BEFORE passover? ohhhh I'm so excited about butter!

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