Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Felt, Wire, String, Paper...

I really like coasters. I like letterpress coasters even more. I REALLY like the coasters at Felt and Wire.
Awesome Coasters, telling it like it is.
I can't wait to have an apartment where I care about the furniture enough to have dozens of these things lying around for people to use.
If I only could pick out coasters from Felt and Wire, I think I'd get the Buzzkill ones pictured left, the Owl ones (to use when Knowledge visits, of course!), and the random holiday ones.

Check out Felt and Wire for lots of random things for your home, sometimes they're paper, or pillows, or whatnot. And who doesn't love whatnot?

PS. Does anyone else have a bookmark folder just called "Stationary"? Cuz I do. I have separate bookmark folders for Restaurants, Recipes, Stores, Jewelry and Stationary... what can I say, I like tree pulp.

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