Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who doesn't want to throw a children's birthday party?

The other day I sent Tallman an article on how to make chocolate bowls in which to make the perfect ice cream sundae (waterballoons dipped in chocolate, let them harden, pop the balloon). I might've accompanied this with the note "Someday you and I will throw excellent children's birthday parties" (He did not appreciate this, given that he is still in shock from seeing his teething nephew last month and is generally hesitant about future-talking.)

This store made me think of children's birthday parties as well, or maybe a birthday party for a grownup, but themed like a childrens party. Best Adult Party Ever! Obviously you can't do a bouncy castle or pony rides but you could do a pinata, pin the tail on the donkey, a simple craft project, and play tag after eating cake.
Stripey Straws!
At this birthday party we'll have stripey straws.
And we'll eat our cake off of these!
Mix and Match Plates
And there will be paper flags, or balloons, or something awesome for decor, the sort of thing your parents did when you were a kid and you wondered why they weren't focusing more on the cake.
Seriously guys, doesn't all this fun stuff kinda make you want to throw a kids birthday party?

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