Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sarah Mensinga Comics

I'm a huge fan of web comics, yes its dorky, but its a rare rare day that I don't check xkcd, Questionable Content, and GWS. Tallman reads even more and is constantly trying to expand my web comic horizons, but I hold fast in my three (more would be an even bigger time suck).

Sarah Mensinga is different though. She writes graphic novels, picture books, little fables and is apparently also an illustrator and works on animated movies and shows. I'd say she is more of an artist than anything else. But I love love love her stories. They are perfect, you can really tell she has kids and that these stories and the art come from stories she tells them, it kinda makes me want to be one of her kids. (Knowledge, you might want to tell your dad about this, given is interest in writing a children's books, its a more modern twist, I think).

Fish, has become a part of Tallman and I's "vocabulary". (Do other couples do this? Have words or phrases drawn from things they've seen together that they use, and only they use, or have I just defined inside joke?) Check out the Fish comic and her other comics at her website. They are sweet, you'll like them. I promise.

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