Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is the catbird seat anyway?

If you've never checked out catbird before, take a moment and check out their website. I've never been to their shop, but TallMan promises that someday soon we'll go to NYC and on that day I will dance my butt over to Catbird's store in Brooklyn.
I'm pretty sure Cup of Jo introduced me to Catbird, in a post on weddings, and I fell in love a little. A lot of their jewelry is too hipster for me. But I have one of their little gold initial rings (~h~), and bought the initial earrings for a friend for Christmas. I love how dainty these rings are.
My little dream is to have them in my initials, and sometimes wear all three together, sometimes just one or two.

Some other favorites from Catbird are below:

(In case you were wondering, wikipedia says that a catbird seat is a idiom for an enviable position, and having the upper hand. Of course, there is also a bird called a cat bird... confusing.)

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