Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hostess Gift Update

We're leaving for North Carolina today, I'm super excited and neeerrrrrvous! Nervous at meeting parents, staying in a strangers house, being in the south for the first time. Excited that the weather will be better than than here, a whole weekend with TallMan where he won't be working, meeting the parents, and being in the south for the first time.
Also, I hope the nephew likes me. (BABIES! Ok so he is 1.25 years old, not quite a baby... but still.)

I put together the hostess gift yesterday and it came out adorably if I do say so myself.
I had bought two foutas from Basic French because I wasn't totally sure of what color was better, and I wanted one for myself. So I sent this picture of both of them to TallMan and Knowledge and Knowledge said blue because it goes better with the stars, and TallMan said he liked green better. Thus, I chose blue because Knowledge is a genius and if TallMan likes green better shouldn't that be the one I keep, because then he'll see it more often? Yes, that is what I thought as well.

Then I spent Wednesday morning making cheese stars, two batches wasn't quite enough to fill the jar so I made another half batch and the jar is now filled quite charmingly to the top! For scale, that is 10 cups of cheese stars. Which I know is a lot but I also know they keep a while, because it took me over a week to eat the first batch. But I figure they're pretty family friendly finger food that looks cute so they'll probably be eaten, even if its not all of them this weekend. (I know TallMan and I  like them at least.)

Then I wrapped the foutas around the jar (to make a complete packaged gift, and so that the jar doesn't break during transit) and clipped the ends of the foutas together with a binder clip so that it would stay in place while I tied the ribbon around the middle. After the ribbon was secure I removed the binder clip and everything stayed in place.

Ta Da! Cute, beachy, springy hostess gift for the future future in-laws.

Keep your fingers crossed/pray that I don't embarrass myself this weekend!

PS. Sorry about the double post this morning, I clearly scheduled them funny... hopefully this post makes up for it!

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