Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Apartment Has Sold...

Hey remember how a month ago I got fed up with my apartment, broke the lease and moved out? I do. (If you don't, go read my past posts.) Well it finally got leased to a new tenant. I just need to get the interest back from the rental company and my relationship with them will be completely finished. YAY!
I've been waiting for this moment, when someone else had already decided to take the apartment, to do a pro con list of the place.

*close to metro
*not living with parents
*under $1000 a month, per roommate
*two bathrooms
*great sunlight in my room (south facing windows)
*good water pressure in the shower
*one bedroom had two full sized closets

*terrible ventilation in bathrooms= serious mold every 6 months on ceiling
*in bathrooms the light also turned on the fan, very loud
*terrible ventilation in the kitchen the above stove fan just took smoke and smells and sucked them up 2 feet then blew them into your eyes
*low ceilings on first floor (TallMan hit his head on light fixtures frequently, and twice on the stairs' ceiling)
*heat didn't work because the only working thermostat was on the second floor, and since heat rises it never knew that it was FREEZING on the first floor
*first floor had tile floors that were cold and very hard, many things shattered on those floors (plates, glasses, mugs, light fixtures, bottles of wine, bottles of jam)
*the second floor had wall to wall carpets, sure we washed them when we moved in, but they were pretty gross, stains, and even before I got cats I was vacuuming cat hair out of the rugs
*there was the time the front door stopped working, and we were locked into the house, we could only get in and out via the windows
*the fridge outlet was painted over and sometimes stopped working
*the fridge was either too warm or too cold, and always froze stuff on the top shelf of the fridge part
*the paint on the front and back doors was peeling off
*that time the water stopped running
*that time there was no hot water in february
*that time water came pouring in the house during a rain storm
*the mice we heard the first few months we lived there
*the pipes were so loud you could hear it when someone two apartments away flushed the toilet, and my roommate taking a shower frequently woke me up due to loudness

That is all I can think of right now for the pro-con list, but I'm sure I'm missing things on both lists. I miss living there a little, but only because I liked not being a nomad. Living with my parents is pretty ok, for instance, last night Dad made corned beef hash at 8pm, it was delicious. If I was hungry at 8pm and living by myself I'd have microwave popcorn. Corned beef hash>microwave popcorn.

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