Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Splish Splash! I was takin' a bath...

Growing up I had cats that would sit in between the plastic shower curtain and the cloth one while you showered. I like to think it was to keep me company, but it was probably because I take such hot showers that it was nice and warm right there. Well, Sage discovered that spot today and it got me thinking about shower curtains.
In my last apartment I only had a plastic curtain, but towards the end of my stay there I was itching to paint the walls a very very light purple, and have a purple accented shower curtain. Maybe with a lavender plant on the back of the toilet. Confession: all my shower stuff is lavender, and chances are if I use it on my skin its lavender scented too, then there are the lavender sachets in all my drawers and the lavender sleep spray I use on my pillow. So this lavender bathroom idea is really just an extension of that.
Now, I don't know about you but when I see a room and all the accents are hot pink I shake my head and say "no man lives there" or possibly "so that woman doesn't plan on bringing a man home". I fully respect TallMan's masculinity, and I would never have hot pink accents. But lavender is fresh and clean and so lovely smelling. Besides, a bathroom is not a place for manly decor, gross.
The paint is Behr's "Muted Melody", its just purple enough. In small rooms, which bathrooms usually are, its important not to have dark colors, I think this purple won't be overwhelming in a small room, but will still be purple, not white. Ant this shower curtain is my dream. I will have it in my next apartment. End of story. I've already shown it to the TallMan and he approves. (I like him to agree to things, if he didn't I probably wouldn't go ahead with it unless I really really really liked it, but he approves of the shower curtain, possibly just doesn't care about shower curtains at all, so its a moot point in this case). The shower curtain is from an awesome store I linked to above called Saffron Marigold, and they have bedspreads, tablecloths, shower curtains, curtains, and pillows in beautiful hand printed linens.
Now that you know my future bathroom plans go check out Saffron Marigold!

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